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The D.A.R.T. ECG Simulator can be used with your existing manikins and equipment !!! Turn your existing PC/Mac computer into an ECG simulator and monitor/defibrillator !

D.A.R.T. Sim New teaching software that can be used with your existing manikins!
Item# DartSim

DART ECG Simulator can also be displayed on a Windows tablet, iPad, iPad Mini, touch screen computers and monitors and on your PC and MAC !

Please go to http://ecg-simulator.com/product/dart-ecg-sim-pcmac-computer-download-6-licenses/ for more information. Currently they have 6 licenses for $499, but you can also just purchase a single license for $99.

With our program at your fingertips, you can practice capnography, defibrillation, 12 LEAD EKG, synchronized cardioversion, X-rays, transcutaneous pacing, and much more right from your computer at a fraction of the cost of real defibrillator equipment, You can even use your existing CPR manikins and equipment !

GET A FREE 5 DAY TRIAL !!!!!!! Go to: http://ecg-simulator.com/freetrial/

Upload your own x-rays and 12 lead EKGs Choose a scenario, and then program the next scenario to begin with a time limit of your choosing ! If the student is doing well, you can advance to the next scenario sooner.

Simulate SPO2, NIBp and EtCO2 with waveform capnography readings. Set your own alarm limits for individual vital signs !

Enhance students' learning experience

Teach 21 of the most common ECG's

Defibrillate, Pace or Cardiovert !

Perform CPR with a metronome to keep count at 100 compressions per minute.

Real equipment sounds of the defibrillator charging, NIBP, shocking !

Within the program are 12 lead EKGs for the rhythm being displayed. Just click the 12 lead button and it will display in a new window and you can print it !

You can also log your student's progress automatically and print the code sheet. There's a REAL Time CODE timer button too !

You can pace and increase the MVAs until full capture is achieved.

If your patient goes into VFIB you can start CPR and hear the metronome that will deliver 100 compressions per minute.

At any time you can turn off the sound.

You can enter manual BP, SPO2, Temp, EtCO2 and Resp rate.

You can also hide all the functions and use the program as your defibrillator monitor.

There are keyboard shortcuts for all the functions so that your student will not be aware of the changes you make to the case.

You can change the duration of each case as well as alter it to your choosing.

A clock will show you how long until the next rhythm changes.

You can easily adjust vital signs manually. For example, on your keyboard hold down the "H" key and then use the +/- keys to adjust the rate.

The NRP scenarios have a colormetric device that you can click to let the student know if the ETT is in the correct place.

The Scenarios included are:

ACLS Case 1 - Unstable Bradycardia

ACLS Case 2 - Stable SVT

ACLS Case 3 - Unstable SVT

ACLS Case 4 - Unstable V-Tach

ACLS Case 5 - Stable V-Tach

ACLS Case 6 - Brady-Heartblock

ACLS Case 7 - Unstable ACS

ACLS Case 8 - Right Main-Stem Intubation

ACLS Case 9 - Tachycardia post-shock

ACLS Case 10 - Asystole-V-Fib

ACLS Megacode Case 1 - Sinus Bradycardia

ACLS Megacode Case 2 - Mobitz Type II AV Block

ACLS Megacode Case 3 - Tachy (VT) Cardioversion

ACLS Megacode Case 4 - tachy (SVT) Drug Therapy

PALS Respiratory Case 1

PALS Respiratory Case 2

PALS Respiratory Case 3

PALS Respiratory Case 4

PALS Shock Case 5

PALS Shock Case 6

PALS Shock Case 7

PALS Shock Case 8

PALS Shock Case 9 - Supraventricular Tachycardia

PALS Shock Case 10 - Bradycardia

PALS Shock Case 11 - Asystole-PEA

PALS Shock Case 12 - Pulseless VT-VF

NRP Case 1 - Fetal distress with abruptio

NRP Case 2 - Prolapsed Cord

NRP Case 3 - Meconium Aspiration

NRP Case 4 - Prematurity 25 weeks

NRP Case 5 - Chorioamnionitis

DART ECG Simulator is indicated for use in various medical training course. Such programs include ACLS, PALS, NRP, ECG, paramedic and nursing. Your students and staff will be amazed with our simulator.

Each purchase comes with 1 licenses for the software, so that you may use it on 3 PC or MAC computers of your choice, and a 37 page PDF Operator's Manual and FREE updates !

Please allow 1-5 days for email delivery of links and activation keys.

http://www.savingamericanhearts.com Catherine Brinkley (719) 551-1222 Saving American Hearts, Inc 6165 Lehman Drive Suite 202 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918 admin@savingamericanhearts.com