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ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE PLAN for Healthcare Providers in Colorado Springs

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE PLAN for Healthcare Providers

Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse Plan for Healthcare Providers

STEP 1: Determine where you are going! Don't stay home in your trailer house and cardboard up the windows using duct tape and a stapler. We will be going to Pikes Peak Zombies will never go there. They will be too lazy to make the climb : )

STEP 2: Determine which vehicle you will drive. The family Mazda is not going to hold all of your family, dogs, cats, horses and things you will be needing. I suggest an 18 wheeler. The most important things to load will be blankets, coats, gloves, clothing, and mattresses as far as furniture. You will not be needing your computers, laptops, XBOX or electronics unless you have a generator, which would better be used for heat and light. Grab a few books and games for the kids, they won't be using their cell phones or watching DVDs or playing MindCraft or Farmville EVER AGAIN, so teach them how we lived in the old days before the internet. Toilet paper. A valuable item when faced with all the other problems that come with a zombie apocalypse. Who wants to deal with this on top of everything else! A portable camping toilet will win lots of points with your family! So will a charcoal grill.

STEP 3: Make sure you get tons of non-perishable food. Canned foods are preferred. Something that doesn't necessarily need to be heated to be eaten. Don't forget a can opener! Peanut butter is great! But Donuts, Little Debbie Cakes, Candy Bars, Ice Cream, Pies and Deserts are not a necessity, grab a few to keep your family happy in times of crisis. Forget the ice cream and items that require water and eggs. Get a few cooking utensils and trash bags to keep things dry.

STEP 4: IF you decide to take your animals, make sure you get tons of food for them too.

STEP 5: Water, get as much water as you can possibly fit in your truck. Water will be more important than anything except heat. Water will be more important than food.

STEP 6: Figure out how you will defend yourself and family. Make sure you get an axe, you will need it for shelter, wood for cooking and heating. Colorado is pretty cold. Don't use your axe for defense. You'll need to get too close to the zombies to use it and you might get bitten. I suggest bows and arrows, a cross bow would be best and the most quiet. Although an aluminum baseball bat could prove to be pretty effective, as well as an iron skillet.

STEP 7: Don't forget important prescriptions. Basic medications such as antibiotic ointments and pain relievers will be useful too. If you get bitten, you're a gonner, but you may still get a few cuts and scraps in this whole zombie scenario.

STEP 8: Make sure all of your loved ones know where you are going so you can all meet there. Plan multiple routes to get there in case of traffic jams and zombies blocking the road.

STEP 9: If you make it to Pikes Peak, you'll need to worry about shelter for the night pretty quickly. After safety, a place to sleep will be the next big emergency, and food. IF you got an 18 wheeler, your family should all be safe and warm inside. Keep everyone together.

STEP 10: Design some type of zombie alert system. You can easily use some soda cans and some rope to make noise when zombies trip over the ropes.

STEP 11: Take a basic sign language course so that you can communicate with your family in a time that you must be silent to avoid getting eaten! I will to find one and add it here when I can.

STEP 12: Infections. Yuck! Sinus infections can be cleared up pretty quickly by inhaling the steam from boiling onions. According to many home remedy sites across the internet, onions possess a type of sulfur with antibiotic properties. Need I say to be careful with hot liquids! A glass of 1/2 water and apple cider vinegar is said to be just as effective.

STEP 13: In progress..check back later and please submit your suggestions to admin@savingamericanhearts.com

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